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Reykjavík, Iceland // March 2015

You know when a friend posts on Facebook that they want to visit a far-off land and asks who’s with them? And you think to yourself, maybe one day I will be that friend. Well, that day happened for me earlier this year when my dear friend Talia posted about going somewhere on her Spring Break in March. Maybe Patagonia or…Iceland?! The dates she was interested in were right when I was returning from Alaska so I thought to myself, why not just continue on to Iceland as I’ll be packed for the right weather…right? So, I did. The week I spent there with Talia and her friends, Camille and Corey, were some of the most magical of my life.

We all arrived at the airport in the early morning and went straight to our hostel, KEX, which is by far the most charming and quirky hostel I have ever stayed in. It was like a well curated thrift store in a Wes Anderson movie. My next blog post will be dedicated solely to KEX because it was infinitely fun to capture its nooks and quirky vignettes.

In order to pass the few delirious hours waiting to check in, we decided to take a *free* tour of Reykjavík led by a local named Marteinn. It was an excellent tour and the perfect introduction to the city we would be exploring for the next few days. Our first meal was at one of the famous hot dog stands around the city called Baejarins Beztu and those dogs were silly delicious. Some highlights were dancing on Friday night at Prikid bar, where my friends would also brunch the next day while I nursed my hangover, shopping at the wonderfully curated Icelandic shops for souvenirs, a memorably delicious brunch at the lovely restaurant, Snaps, and exploring the Kolaportid Flea Market, where Talia purchased a wonderful Sherlock Holmes coat…look out for it in future posts! Reykjavík was friendly, clean, delicious, and easy to explore. It had the most charming Nordic aesthetic. I especially loved the bright colored buildings that popped against the white snow and buildings. A true feast for the eyes.

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