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Sarita // Yoga Session

Last August I bought my ticket to the Envision Festival in Costa Rica with the idea I would travel before in Central America. In September, I found myself photographing my dear friend Taylor’s wedding, where I reconnected with Sara. We met in Los Angeles a few years earlier and had a handful of lovely, but fleeting, interactions mostly at festivals and on the Internet. We got to catch up at Taylor’s wedding and she told me she would hopefully be living in Sayulita in a few months. Her positive energy and warm spirit moved me to immediately start formulating plans to visit her. And the rest, as they say, is history.

We messaged on Facebook a handful of times but honestly, there was little to do but show up. Sara and her seriously magnificent roommates, Joann and Melissa, graciously opened their beautiful home to me. I spent a week playing with them in this beach town, eating, shopping, exploring, meditating, yogaing, and dancing. I didn’t really know Sara very well before this trip but I quickly learned that she is a dear sister that holds similar values and dreams as me. Her gratitude practice and her deep care for the people around her are things I especially admire. She is one of those people that will bring light into my life whenever we hold space together.

Not only do we connect deeply on a personal level, but she is a muse. Her yoga and aerial silk practices are stunning and I had the opportunity to marvel at this with my camera on the beach in Saylulita one sunset. I know we will continue to create and play together throughout our lives and this is only the beginning.

Gracias mi amor Sarita. Te amo mucho. ❤️

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