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Antigua, Guatemala // February 2016

Hola de Guatemala, my favorite country on my trip. I started off with an exciting reunion with one of my oldest friends, Victoria. She only had six days to travel so we wham-bammed and got right into it by going directly to Antigua from the airport in Guatemala City.

This town used to be the colonial Spanish capital of Central America and is the most visited place in Guatemala. It is known for the beautiful colors and colonial Spanish architecture of its buildings, the volcanoes that surround it and the crumbling ruins from a devastating earthquake in 1773.

Victoria and I took a couple days to walk through the cobble-stoned city, exploring the Parque Central, the daily market, a ruins site, and hiking to the Pacaya volcano, which I will share photos from in my next post. I fell in love with the delicious colors of the buildings, the flowers, and the woven textiles of the local Mayan women. Antigua is truly a color lover’s dream.

the infamous chicken buses that provide transportation around the country

Vicky G looking fly!

Monasterio Y Templo De La Recolección

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