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Teotihuacan, Mexico // January 2016

Teotihuacan is an ancient Mesoamerican city located about 30 miles from Mexico City and I walked the ruins on my second day in Mexico City. The day before at my Mexico City hostel, Casa San Ildefonso, I met Carla and Karen, from Taiwan and Brazil respectively. We decided to take the local bus from Autobus Del Norte the next morning to visit this site.

The universe has been working in really beautiful ways on this trip thus far. After I sat down on the bus, Margaux, a French woman living in Irapuato, sat next to me. Margaux had decided to visit Mexico City that weekend and had JUST made our bus to Teotihuacan. We became fast friends and toured the city together for the rest of her stay.

These photos capture this group of seriously awesome women walking from the Temple of Quetzcoatl, The Serpent King, down the Avenue of the Dead, lined with vendors, to the Pyramid of the Sun, and finally, my favorite view, the Pyramid of the Moon. We learned how to make natural paints from cactus from a vendor name Victor and bought noise-makers that sound like birds. I was in awe of these structures. After 3-4 short stretches of steep stairs, you reach the top of the pyramids and look out at the vast terrain. It gave me goosebumps to think about the gatherings and rituals that happened there, drawing thousands of people to honor elements of our universe. And they are still here for us to experience…SO COOL!

Gracias y merci, Margaux, for the photo of me taking in all that beauty!! ❤️


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