gaby esensten photography

Hi friend! I'm so glad you're here. A little about me...

I picked up a Polaroid camera my senior year of high school and began seeing the world with new eyes, through the clarity of a camera lens. Photography is my medicine, bringing me into the present moment and reminding me of the world's infinite beauty, whether it is someone's shining face or a honey bee sipping nectar from a flower. Since picking up that Polaroid, I have found myself in different worlds with my camera, taking in and sharing many facets of this human experience. It is an immense honor to be alive in this time and have the opportunity to witness this Earth and her beautiful creations. Like YOU! It is with deep gratitude that I serve as a visual storyteller, reflecting back to you, your beauty and joy, your gifts and passions, your community and rituals.

The experience of being seen as our true, authentic selves is heart expanding, empowering and life-giving. Photographs are pure magic, offerings of precious moments in time that remind us of where we've been, who we are and what we love. My images weave together intuitive documenting, whimsical details, clean composition, and bright tones. I combine my catlike ability to appear out of nowhere for candid moments as well as thoughtful direction for more curated images.

My deep love for the work and my easy-going nature will immediately put you at ease and support a playful, creative experience. We will co-create simple and honest images together, crafting a story that is reflective of your visual needs. I LOVE working with healers, teachers, artists, musicians and social justice warriors, as your medicine is very much needed in this world.

I am based in the Bay Area, California and love traveling. Send me a message and let's connect!

So much love, Gaby

Artist Statement

Gaby is a visual artist, an intersectional eco-feminist, a spiritual activist, a divine witness, a light-working witch, a shadow realm guide, and an earth-based ritualist, exploring the interweaving of art, academia, social justice and healing. She is currently in a Masters program for Women's Spirituality at the California Institute of Integral Studies, with an emphasis on eco-feminism and art + activism.


I pledge to use my power of visual storytelling to support healing, empowerment and justice for humans, non-human beings and our Earth. I am here as a co-conspirator with people of color, indigenous folk, LGBTQ+ friends and the plant spirits on this spectacular Mother Earth, on the journey of empowerment and freedom of body, mind and consciousness through the medicine of witnessing.

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